Life is full of starting points. Starting a new job, starting a new financial year, starting to raise money, starting a new employee, starting to complete a tax return and so on.

Let’s start by introducing ourselves to you.

Kilpatrick Accounting is based in Glasgow and is ideally situated to serve small and medium-sized businesses across central Scotland. We look after individuals too, so no one needs to feel left out.

We have built strong, lasting relationships with our clients over the years. We see ourselves as part of the businesses we serve. We want to play our part in helping our clients achieve their objectives.

At Kilpatrick Accounting we believe that taking control of financial transactions is the route to success and serenity. By gaining control you will be able to make the right decisions to maximise profit and minimise tax. We will help by offering fixed fee agreements, flexible payment options and day to day advice.

Thanks for visiting. Feel free to have a browse to find out more about Kilpatrick Accounting.

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